Leprechauns Pot Of Gold



If I should find a leprechaun and gain access to his pot of gold…what would I do with all that gold?

1) Well first of all I would pay off what I owe on my house.

2) Then I would buy my hubby a truck. It would be a used one because he wants one that is already battered a bit so he won’t worry about messing it up taking it out in the fields and hauling stuff on the farm.

3) I would pay off all our other debts. Namely what I owe the dentist for the work he has/is doing on my teeth.

4) A new car!

Right now that is all I can think of. I’m sure that if there was anything left it would get spent. All we would have to do is go wander around Lowes for a while…we would find things we want! Possibly even a few things we need.

So what would you do if you got a pot of gold?

I wrote this post in response to the weekly writing prompt Presented by Tales from The Nursery and iNeed a Playdate.
It is a great help to having something to write. If you need a prompt too then be sure to check it out!

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  1. This question is far more compelling than one that asks what we would do it we won the lotto, that question is getting washed out these days. Also – I think there is more chance of me finding a pot of gold.

    I would buy an island and live on it away from everyone never to be bothered again!

    1. LOL. I hope it would be a luxurious island. With internet access. Otherwise you might just go stir crazy so far away from everyone. But then I guess you could still visit every now and then.

    1. Yea :) Practical is in baby!

      I would do that just because it drives me nuts to have stuff hanging over my head….I love having everything paid off, paid up, whatever the case may be.

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