Spring Snow Is Pretty

Spring snow in Arkansas in 2013.

Spring snow in Arkansas in 2013.

Isn’t it lovely? The really nice part is that it is already melting. It may all be gone by the end of the day and leave only a pleasant memory.

Since it didn’t even make the roads icy here I’m pretty sure most folks enjoyed it. Except maybe some of the kids who still had to go to school.

This snow reminded me of the Little House books by Laura Ingalls Wilder. In the first book when they are living in the Big Woods her grandpa makes maple suger and Pa tells Laura the snow is called “sugar snow” because snow that time of years makes the sap run longer and you can make more maple syrup and sugar.

And they had a big party to celebrate. Do they still do that?

I wish we had some maple trees down here…it might be fun to make some syrup. Of course I wouldn’t recognize a maple tree if it was right in front of me…so I can’t say for sure there isn’t one. I think most of the maple syrup comes from way up north though.

Does you know? Have you ever made syrup?

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