Two Thousand Dollars For One Tooth?

Wisdom Tooth

Wisdom ToothYep you read that right. $2000. For one tooth.

Or close to it anyway. That’s what they told me it would cost to fix the very back wisdom tooth in my lower left jaw.

To do a root canal and put a crown on it.

That tooth is the one that my partial plate hooks to…so if it gets pulled the partial plate has to be replaced.

Or all the teeth could be pulled and just get some dentures.

I don’t yet know for sure what would be the cheapest option. They set me up for a consultation in a couple of days.

That will give them time to look at all the x-rays and figure out how much it would cost for each option. And decide which one they are gonna recommend.

Than I’ll have to decide which way to go. At my age my teeth might not last much longer anyway…and there are only 6 left on the bottom.

So unless it costs an arm and a leg to get a plate…that is probably what I’ll do.

Any of you guys have experience with getting dental plates? Any advice?


  1. I don’t have one, but have had a couple teeth removed last year, it was cheaper to pull then rebuild, but I didn’t have other things to consider, the second tooth had to come out, as it decided to crack in two while I was eating a cracker… old stale one…sigh… the dentist wanted to cap it, and then I said, but I can’t even bite down…. he added some pink stuff and found it was split in two, and unrepairable.

    hope all goes well… I hear there are lots of cheep dentists in mexico

    1. Wish the decision was that easy in my case. I hope one of the options is at least cheap if not easy.

      If I was closer to Mexico I might consider checking them out. It would cost quite a bit just to get there.

  2. Wow – that scares me a lot.

    It makes me realise how lucky we are in the UK to be able to use the nhs and does make me feel a little better about the high rate of tax we pay.

    would that be covered by standard medical cover in the US or is it something extra?

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