20 Years Passed Fast!

I was checking out the website of author David Weber the other day to see when his next book would be coming out.

I got a heck of a shock.

It seems this year is the 20th Anniversary of On Basilisk Station the first book in the series featuring Honor Harrington.

I remember reading that book when it first came out. It sure doesn’t feel like it was 20 years ago though. I didn’t realize it had been that long.

I’m getting old! :(

But I’m also getting better! So I guess it’s all good.

Anyway if you remember that book and loved(still do!) it as much as I did(do!) you might be interested in the 20th Anniversary Edition of On Basilisk Station.  It is a leather bound first edition and will be available in limited quantities. I got one!!

Even if you don’t get one of those…you should check out his books if you haven’t already. They are really good.

I have hardback copies of several of his books. Yes they are that good! These are books you can read over and over and they are still good.

My hubby got a treat out of it too…the lady that runs the David Weber store called to find out what inscription we wanted….and hubby accidentally erased the message with the number to call them back. So he called the number on the caller ID and guess who answered the phone?? Mr. Weber himself! My hubby was really excited about that.

The funny thing about that is that I’m the reader around here. Hubby hasn’t ever read any of the books but he knows David Weber is one of my favorite authors and always points out any of his books at the library in case I missed it.

It has been a really GOOD 20 years. Lots of good books. Hopefully still a lot more to come!

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