Are Hospital Designers Sadists?

Right now I believe they are. I think they must go to school to learn the best way to frustrate and annoy anyone who enters the building.

And of course they put stairs and hills in there too just so it hurts to do all that walking. Walking that is required because they built it so you don’t know where the heck you are.

I’m also pretty sure they deliberately design them to go in circles and make all the walls look exactly alike so you won’t know you are just going over and over the same dang way.

And then they put bathrooms in there are barely big enough to turn around in and put the toilet paper where you can just barley reach it by leaning waaaayyyy back on the toilet.

And then, THEN they fix the paper towel dispenser so it doesn’t actually dispense anything although it looks perfectly fine…full of towels and everything. Really long hallway.

And then there are the long hallways that seem to go on forever and you can’t tell for sure where they go till you get to the other end only to find it it didn’t go where you wanted to go after all and you have to walk ALL THE WAY back down the thing to try to find the place you were looking for before you went down that hallway…

I’m sure you figured out I don’t like hospitals.

My father-in-law is in one right now and we have visited a couple times so far…and gotten lost both going and coming every single time. The people who work there have been great though. Very kind. Several have actually led us to where we needed to go.

I would be grateful if you guys would say a couple of prayers for us and our entire family. That my father-in-law will get better and that we will continue to somehow find our way out of that confusing maze of hallways they call a hospital.


  1. HAHA I was doing clinicals a while back and I completely understand. I hated how much I got lost because everything looked alike. I also hated the small bathrooms! Not to mention the fact that there is hardly enough room to stay the night with someone if they are staying over night or longer.

    1. Oh yea I forgot about not having much room for a cot or more than 1 chair in a room. If you have a big family not having chairs can really suck.

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