Feel The Need For Live Music?

If you like live music you might want to check out Bluegrass Monday.

Of course that is only if you like Bluegrass!

This is a live concert held once a month…usually on the 4th Monday of each month at the old Collins Theatre at 120 West Emerson, in Paragould, Arkansas.

The concert is sponsored by KASU 91.9 FM and features bluegrass musicians from all over the United States.

This coming Monday the scheduled performers are David Davis and the Warrior River Boys.

The concert is free but they do pass the hat and they hope that all attendees would donate at least 5 bucks which ALL goes to the musicians according to their MySpace page.

For more info you can also check out  Bluegrass Monday on Facebook.

I first heard about this last week. Why did no one tell me before??? I could have been going to free concerts once a month.

Yes I am deaf but I can still feel the music even if I can’t hear it and if you take into account that lots of live concerts are WAY TOO LOUD then even deaf people can enjoy them.

Besides at least half the fun of a live concert is people watching. Both the people performing and the people listening…or doing whatever they are doing. You never know with southerners.  Some of them might just come to sit and take a nap(if the music isn’t TOO LOUD).

Yes I have a bee in my bonnet about loud music…you listen to too much of it and you will ruin your hearing and I can tell you for a fact that not being able to hear AIN’T NO FUN!! So there.

Anyway this sure seems like a fun way to get out of the house once a month that won’t cost an arm and a leg. I’m all for that.

What do you think? Sound fun?

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