Forgetfullness Is Embarassing

I had to go to the doctors office again on Friday. They require you to check in with the receptionist who always asks a bunch of questions.

They ask all that to make sure your information hasn’t changed. I don’t mind them doing that usually but this time I got up there and she asked me my address and I had no clue.

I was standing there like an idiot trying to remember…where exactly do I live?? I started to give her a number and realized it was wrong…and had to start all over again.

I have forgotten numbers before…such as phone numbers…I have trouble remembering mine but this was the first time I have ever forgotten my address. And of course it has to be right out in public so I couldn’t even pretend it didn’t happen.

I often go into a room and forget why I’m there. I did that again this morning. I have a good excuse for that though…I passed the dryer and seeing it reminded me to put the laundry up…which I did…and totally forgot what I was originally doing. I didn’t even realize it for an hour or so which shows how important that was!

I’m not even 50 yet! It is too early for my memory to go! I still need it.

I’ll have to get one of those engraved bracelets and put my address and phone number on it. And a couple of family members numbers too. That way I can look at the bracelet and maybe no one will even notice.

Have you ever forgot your address?

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