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I was given a code to order an ebook from where they make personalized novels with you as the main character. They also have paperbacks and hardbacks and you can get printed books with a photo of you and your significant other…or of friends if you are buying a book as a gift.

I think it would be pretty neat to have a book with a picture of me and my husband on the cover!

The ebook I got only had us as characters though. I had to go to the site and pick out which book I wanted. They have romances of two types…mild or wild. The one I got was mild…and it still was a bit steamy but nothing graphic!

You can get novels set outdoors in such places as golf courses, dude ranches, and African safaris. You can also get some set in more traditional areas like beaches or on cruises. And there are novels that include vampires or shapeshifters and other weird things.

Danger in Dublin book cover.So I chose Danger In Dublin just because I have always wanted to go to Ireland. I then had to fill out a short questionnaire that included such things as my eye color, my favorite radio station, the type of car my hubby drives, the nearest major airport…and a few others. They use this information to describe the characters and action in the book.

When I got the book and started reading I found myself winning a trip to Ireland and heading off with my hubby to the airport…and on a grand adventure!

That was pretty darned cool!!

If you know someone who loves to read or would just love to be a character in a story…these personalized novels would make a great gift.

The ebooks sell for $14.95, paperbacks for $49.95, hardbacks for $94.95 and you can add a photo to the paperback or hardback for $25 more.

For more information check out on Facebook, or follow @YourNovelCom on Twitter.

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