Fresh Strawberries

Fresh Strawberries are wonderful! My husband picked them this morning and they really taste good. Look pretty good too don’t they?

They come from a planter in our front yard. My mother-in-law bought it for me last year as an early Christmas present.

Strawberry panter in my yard.It came with 50 Strawberry plants. I didn’t do anything to them last year except fertilize them. We ended up not even getting the mulch on them.

They made it through the winter with no problems though! A few weeks ago the flowers came out strong and now we have lots of Strawberries!

Strawberries waiting to be picked.I have given some to a friend that my hubby works with. I’m going to have to give some to my mom too. There are too many for us to eat before they go bad.

Some still need to be picked. I’ll get to that this afternoon if it doesn’t rain again.

I really like this pyramid planter. This one has metal sides and it is not too wide. So you don’t have trouble reaching all the plants to pick the berries or to weed around them.

You can make one of these out of scrap wood or whatever materials you have handy. My hubby made me a wooden one at our old place. You make it the same way.

Create the bottom area, fill it with dirt, and then place the top areas on that…and fill them with dirt.

I was thinking of having one made for other things. I could put a couple of squash plants, a couple of okra, a tomato…just enough to keep in salad fixing through the summer.

I think that would be cool. What do you think?



  1. I use strawberry beds now, but as a child, we grew strawberries in a big barrel, which also works well for smaller spaces and limited production and for people who are not able to dig up big patches of sod. The strawberry barrel we used was made of wood with metal bands and was filled to the brim with dirt. Holes were cut in the barrel’s sides and the strawberry plants cascaded out of the holes. It was an attractive planter on our brick patio. If you like the barrel method, you could keep expanding with more barrels using runner cuttings to start new plants. Make sure you keep the barrels well-watered and fertilized with plant food, as they don’t draw the same nutrients as plants in the ground.

  2. I’ve thought about planting strawberries before but have not been successful with other plants in the past. This looks pretty easy. Also, I did not realize that they come back every year on their own. I thought you had to replant each year. Shows how much I know…

  3. We love strawberries but they can get so expensive and are typically overripe when you purchase them. The thought of having fresh ripe strawberries all summer long is simply sublime. I am so going to check into doing this. Thanks for the idea!!

  4. I don’t know anything about gardening but I sure love strawberries. I still remember when I was younger, my grandma had strawberry plants and me and my cousins loved picking, washing and then eating them. :-)

  5. They look so yummy! My mom loves strawberries, especially in smoothies.

  6. Eeps! How I wish I could grow my own berries. Not possible in my country. They’d turn into dried fruits before I get a chance to touch them.

    They do look lovely! What a great present that was. And is. A gift that keeps on giving!

    Have a great summer with your new strawberries! You can always freeze some and throw some into your smoothies if you get tired of eating them.

  7. We have some strawberries in our garden, but they’re never enough. Too bad strawberries cost so much in the stores.

  8. I love fresh strawberries. Nothing like home-grown. I think that you should do another planter for any veggies you love.

    1. I got some bell peppers and tomato yesterday. I’m planning to put them out near the strawberries. Some herbs too!

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