Gall Bladder Surgery Is No Fun

My father-in-law had his gall bladder removed yesterday.

He hasn’t been able to keep any food down for a bit and they finally decided to go ahead and take it out.

He didn’t have to stay overnight this time which was a really good thing as he doesn’t understand everything that is happening and gets really upset if they won’t let him go home.

His memory is better in the mornings and was ok till after the gall bladder surgery.

Part of the problem is that he is also very hard of hearing.  He doesn’t always understand what people say when they are talking to him and that in itself is very frustrating. I can say that from experience.

And after the surgery he was also in some pain so when they tried to keep him in the bed he wasn’t happy.

The doctors decided to let him go on home but told everyone to watch him.

We hope that after he recovers from the surgery he will start eating again and be able to keep the food down. He has lost a lot of weight.

He had the surgery done at St. Bernards Hospital in Jonesboro Arkansas.  St. Bernards logo.The people there are extremely nice and the nurses seem to really know their business and keep on top of it. We got lost in the hospital a few times and had to ask for directions and each time someone actually took us to where we needed to go.

My sister-in-law said the same thing happened with them. Then when we were ready to leave they actually walked us all the way down to the parking garage and helped get my father-in-law into the van.

No one ever wants to have to go to the hospital…but if you gotta…this is a good one.



  1. Having had bariatric surgery myself almost 10 years ago (not Gastric Bypass though), I appreciates all the sides of this discussion. If I hadn’t had surgery, I would have died within short time. Having had the surgery I still struggle with moderate weight gain and severe vitamin deficiencies. Those were predictable side effects, which I knew before I had the surgery, but given the choice between an acute death or long time health challenges, the choice was still easy. My health challenges would be much more tolerable if I’d get better help. I.e. doctors understanding that my body now needs i.v. iron because it can’t digest it. But given the right help, I’d be totally healthy now. I still reccommend surgery only to those who have had tried everything else, and that is so morbidly obese that there really is no other choice.

  2. My daughter had her gall bladder out a few years ago. Her attack was the most painful thing she’s ever experienced. She had a ton of gall stones and it needed to come out.

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