Life Goes On, So Do Memories

Picture of a graveyard.My neighbor across the street from us died last week. He was buried on Tuesday. He was a really great neighbor and a good friend. He is the one who brought his tractor over and tilled up our garden for us several years in a row.

He also let my husband borrow things we didn’t have. He used to keep my uncle busy working on his farm before my uncle died. And they always gave us stuff out of their garden that we didn’t have…or didn’t haven enough of.

We are going to miss him. His wife and the rest of his family will really miss him though. They were married for 52 years. They got married the year my husband was born. That is a long time.

He left some grand-kids and a great grand-kid behind as well as lots of good memories in the minds of his friends and neighbors. He seems to have lived a really good life.

On Monday we were also remembering all those who served our country. Many of whom gave “the last full measure of devotion”.

It is good to sit down and remember sometimes. Tell stories about those who are not here anymore. Pass the stories down to the next generation.

Children need to know where they come from and that others have sacrificed so they could be where they are and live as well as they do. I think too many kids these day have not been taught that.

That is something we need to work on.

Who do you want to remember?


  1. Thanks Darcy. You are right…it is rare to have such good neighbors these days. I’m grateful to have had him for as long as I did.

  2. It is always sudden, or mostly, we are never prepared for it, the most important thing is the good deeds we did that put a smile on others.

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