Witch Littles: Magic In The Garden By Laurie Lamson Review

Witch Littles: Magic In The Garden by Laurie Lamson is a fun childrens book. It is about two little girls who come up with their own form of magic and try their best to help their mom.

In the meantime they also help a crab who is scared to come out of his shell and find out how to make a magic potion and a magic wand.

They have lots of fun and get upset with each other and make up…and eventually their mom does end up happier.

It isn’t REALLY about witches…in case you didn’t figure that out. It was fun to read…I expect most kids would like it…little girls especially. Particularly if they have grumpy moms.  :) Of course I’m sure that wouldn’t apply to any of the moms who read my site…

About the book :

What if little girls could make magic in their own backyards?

Intention+belief+love = magical resultsTo help their grumpy mother, Two sisters invent ‘do-it-yourself’ magic and discover we could all use a little encouragement to grow and blossom, just like the plants in their mother’s garden.

About the Author:

Laurie Lamson is a writer, book editor and medical intuitive who has believed in magic ever since she was a little witch herself. Many of her projects have a magic realism aspect, including an upcoming novella and short story collection. She has written or rewritten five screenplays for independent movie producers. She also edited
several writing exercise anthologies in the Now Write! series (Tarcher/Penguin). Visit jazzymaemedia.com to learn more or send a message to laurie@jazzymae.com.

You can visit the Witch Littles on Facebook for more information

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    Thanks for recommendation this coll book, I have not read this still now but Now I am going to enjoy it. I have finished some amazing collection which I find out from Awesome Indies.

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