Insulting Instructions

My mom saw one of these Cordless Screwdrivers at Lowes the other day ant thought they were really cute.

She wanted one but my dad was with her and made some remark about it so she didn’t get it.

Me and my hubby were there yesterday and we got it for her.

It was too late yesterday so we gave it to her this morning. She opened it right up and plugged in the charger. THEN she decided to look at the instructions to see how long it was supposed to stay plugged up.

Apparently(I didn’t read them myself) the first thing it tells you is that if the switch doesn’t work you can’t use the screwdriver.

My mom looked at over at me and said “do you believe this? They say if the switch doesn’t work I can’t use it?”

Imagine that! Not being able to use something just because the on/off switch doesn’t work! Next thing you know they will be telling us we can’t use our lights if the switch don’t work…or can’t drive our cars if the switch don’t work!

What shoddy craftsmanship! Can’t even make something that can be used if the switch doesn’t work. This country is really going downhill.

Soon they will be telling us we can’t drink coffee cause it’s hot. Oh yea forgot…they already do that don’t they?

How did things get so bad? Do people really need to be told things like that?

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