Make The Bread, Buy The Butter By Jennifer Reese Review

This is a really good book for anyone that cooks at all but especially for those cooks that want to make just about everything at home.

The author has tried just about everything you can think of that can be made from scratch (mayonnaise, yogurt, sashimi, tortillas, pasta, etc.)and figured out exactly how much it costs to do each item and how much it costs to buy the item in a store.

Sometimes it is much more economical to just buy something…such as butter. And some things you can make so much better yourself that it is worth paying more. The trouble is knowing which things are worth the money…and the trouble.

Of course some things, such as raising chickens, may not be worth the money if you were just considering the food you get. I raise chickens myself and she is right, if all you are getting is eggs…they are not worth it. Even if you raise them for meat too…it might not be worth all the cost and trouble.

There are other reasons for doing things though….I love my chickens. They provide entertainment as well as eggs. They are basically pets. So I’m keeping them.

Some folks might want to do a lot of the homemade items just because they like it. That is up to you. If you want to know which items are actually worth the money…this book can really help.

It has some great recipes in it too–over 120 of them! Besides all that…it is funny!

About the Book:

Should you bake your bagels or buy them? Is it really a good idea to keep chickens in your backyard for eggs? Is there any point in making your own peanut butter and jelly sandwiches when you can buy them individually wrapped and frozen? When you can buy everything you eat already made, from bottled salad dressing to canned gravy, what does it make sense to cook for yourself?

About the Author:

Picture of author Jennifer Reese.Jennifer Reese has been a professional journalist all of her adult life, working mostly for national magazines, and has been an avid, adventurous home cook for even longer, which she blogs about at The Tipsy Baker as well as for online publications like Slate. Reese also teaches cooking classes in Marin County, California, where she lives with her family.

You can find Jennifer on Facebook and Twitter as well as her blog The Tipsy Baker.

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