Rural Neighborhoods Are All Mixed Up

My husband was raised up north in a fair sized city not far from Detroit, MI. He has only been down here (except for short visits) during the past 8 years. He still runs into things that he says are just weird.

We were driving out to one of the farms he works on a few weeks ago and he said that he had not ever seen big fancy houses right next to shacks or trailers.

Apparently that doesn’t really happen in the cities. Or in the North? I haven’t been in any cities anywhere long enough to really see how they are divided up. But he said that up where he used to live you do not see mixing of that sort.

Rich people live in one area and poor people live in another and they stay as far away from each other as they can.

Small old house.Out here you can see an old house similar to this right next door to a McMansion.  Or you will see a mobile home next door to a huge brick house.

And some of those old country places look like they are about to fall apart and you wouldn’t think anyone could possibly live there. But they do.

How about where you live? What are the neighborhoods like there? What kind of houses are close to you?


  1. I live in rural north carolina and yes they are all mixed up except right in town. We just got our first place that delivers food dominos now that is weird right. I lived in virginia beach for years and they are divided up and a very busy place 100’s of stores and things to do an doxezs of places that deliver. Here nothing, you must go to a big city an hour away to do any good shopping.

    1. Yea we have to drive 15 miles to get to restaurants and they do NOT deliver that far out. The pizza place will meet us part way though…which is really nice of them.

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