Summer Is Busy

When it isn’t Lazy. Which in my case it mostly is. So far anyway.

I have managed to go several entire days without turning on the computer at all. A few years ago that would have been completely impossible for me to do without jittering and jiving and driving the family nuts.

I was addicted to the computer. The bulletin boards, the games, and then the social sites…and blogs!

This summer I seem to be just taking things easy computer wise.

So what has been going on?

Other than lazing around the house and reading…I have done a bit of weeding in the yard. My hummingbird vines are starting to come up and I had to pull the weeds and grass up because otherwise my husband will use the weed-eater and  the flowers will be gone along with the weeds.

My Buff Orpington hens with chicks.

I also have some new chicks this year. A couple of the hens went broody so I ordered some fertile eggs online. The eggs  hatched out 5 chicks…which the hens seem to be sharing.  I’m hoping that at least one of them will be a rooster. If so I’ll have fertile eggs next year without having to buy them.

One of the chicks got outside the fence and was eaten by a dog. So we got some netting and attached it all the way around the bottom of the fence. They will be too big to get out in a couple more weeks which is a good thing because they are able to hop up on top of things now and they might manage to get over the netting.

Holes in the chicken yard for transplanting trees.We have also been working on getting the chickens some shade in their yard. It has a bit of shade in the morning but by about 10am the shade is gone and the area is in full sun till around 7 pm. The poor chickies are getting hot!

We are going to transplant a plum tree that is growing too close to the fence. Plum tree growing too close to a fence.And an offshoot of a Fig Tree. I didn’t know that Fig trees made roots off branches growing on the ground but my mom says they do…and that we can just dig up one of those and move it. I hope she is right because those trees make some really deep cool shade as well as having delicious figs.

Fig tree in my back yard.Small figs on my fig tree.The Fig tree has lots of small figs on it. There will be bunches of them to pick this year. I need to figure out what to do with all of them. I know you can preserve them…just not sure how.

Any of you guys have a recipe for fig preserves? or know anything about them?

Other than that I’m not doing much…just watching the dogs watch the chicks, reading some good books, ignoring the housework, visiting with family, and trying to stay cool.

How is your summer going so far?


  1. It’s summer here all year round for us!

    I’m trying to cut down my online time too. It’s amazing how much you can accomplish when your computer is switched off!

    BTW – I found your lovely blog via your giveaway contest. So glad we connected!

  2. My summer has been busy with lots of trips to our local park with my two young grandsons. Yours sounds very relaxing so far!

  3. Aww your Chicks are so cute!! Love all the pics, looks like a great summer for you! I’m just going to laze around.

  4. So sorry you lost one of your chicks :( I have been getting ready to move (which for me just means going through clothes and stuff to get rid of things unwanted/unneeded since I can’t do any actually moving or anything like that). Next month I am hoping to finally get my disability case settled and approved, it has been a long, stressful process. Otherwise, reading, trying to stay cool, watching Netflix, etc

    1. Going through things to get rid of…or just organize is very tiring too. I had to do that a while back.

      Reading is good. It does help keep cool…especially if you do in front of an air conditioner :p

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