Who Do You Want To Be? By Dr. Nicola Bunting Review

Who Do You Want To Be? How To Embrace Change And Live Your Dream by Dr. Nicola Bunting was interesting and not too difficult to read.

The book aims to help people who are going though changes in their lives figure out where they really want to go…and how to get there.

And it doesn’t matter if they changes are something you choose or something that just happens…like getting fired or losing your home in a tornado. Or if you just wake up one morning and decide you don’t want to keep on living the way you have been.

Whatever the changes may be Dr. Bunting wants to help you use the changes to actually find and live your dreams.

I really like that she uses the Enneagram which is a really neat personality profiling framework. I did the questionnaire for this a long time ago (you can do one online) and it was really helpful. It can tell you things you didn’t realize about yourself and what you really like.

I didn’t actually sit down and do all the things she recommends in the book(yet). I expect that if you actually did do the work it would be extremely helpful…and a lot cheaper than actually hiring a coach. Of course you might just find out you really need to hire a coach…

About the Book :

Change is inevitable – the plans we’ve made for our lives, our careers, our relationships, our family, and our finances can suddenly need dramatic adjustment, and that is when we anxiously realize, often too late, that we need a Plan B. Whether it’s the immediate shock of suddenly being made redundant and asked to clear your desk, or the more fundamental challenge of changing your career or ending your marriage, how you handle change may determine how happy you are in life. Who Do You Want To Be? intends to be an eminently practical book, a vital resource to turn to when faced with any kind of major change in your life – how to identify the nature of the change you are confronting, how to prepare yourself for it, how and when and in what spirit to take advantage of the concurrent opportunities that present themselves. . .

About The Author :

Picture of Dr. Nicola Bunting.Nicola Bunting is a personal and professional coach and founder of the international bespoke coaching company La Vita Nuova. She is one of only 1% of coaches to have attained the master certified coach credential and her clients include executives and other business leaders across several industries.

Dr. Bunting can be found on Twitter and her company website La Vita Nuova.


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