Be Careful With Your Pets In The Heat

Dogs and heatstroke infographic.I saw(and shared) this info graphic on Facebook and have no idea where it first came from. It is a really good one.

It has some excellent suggestions for how to keep your pet from getting heatstroke this summer.

One thing is to walk them either early in the morning or later in the evening. This will also help keep them from getting burnt paws on hot pavement.

And of course you should NEVER EVER leave your pet shut in a car. Even if it is in the shade this isn’t a good idea because you can’t be sure it will stay in the shade if you don’t get back as quick as you thought you would.

According to information on The Weather Channel a car basically becomes an oven even on relative mild days and on days of 90 degree weather the car will heat up to 109 degrees within 10 minutes.

And it just gets hotter the longer it sits. People can’t take that and neither can dogs or other pets.

Besides that several states have laws that make it illegal to leave pets in cars. Of course the laws differ on the circumstances in which it is illegal but usually if it could be dangerous to their health it is illegal.  North Carolina just passed legislation that will make it legal for rescue workers to break into hot cars and rescue animals left in them. I think that is a wonderful thing!!

Unfortunately Arkansas isn’t one of those. Yet. There are local ordinances in many towns and counties though. I think it should not only be illegal to endanger animals by leaving them in hot cars (or cold ones) but if caught doing that the person should be fined or even put in jail. Definitely jailed for anything after the first offense.

After the first time you should know better. Of course if people actually thought about it they would know better anyway. And with all the publicity about it it is hard to believe anyone doesn’t already know better.


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