Diet-To-Go Meal Delivery Review

I’ve always wondered about those meal delivery plans you see advertised on TV but was scared to try any of them because of the cost. After all what if you spent all that money and then the food tasted terrible and you ended up not being able to eat it?

So getting the chance to try out a whole weeks worth of food from Diet-to-Go seemed sort of like winning a prize!

The Diet-To-Go logo.

Not only would we get to check the program out but I would get to go a whole week without cooking! Well without cooking much anyway. We only got meals for one person so we (my hubby and I) ended up splitting the meals.

He ate most of the dinners and I ate most of the lunches because he was gone during the day. We shared the breakfasts :).

I actually ended up resenting him taking any of the breakfast meals because I really liked the Mushroom Strata and the Asparagus and Swiss Fritatta. I had never heard of a Fritatta before and wouldn’t have thought of having asparagus for breakfast in any form. It was really good!

The only two meals I ended up not caring much for were the Turkey Burger and the Thai Turkey Tenderloin. The Thai was way too spicy for me! If we were to order more of these I would have to substitute something else for that because hubby can’t handle really spicy food either. I would probably get an extra Macaroni and Cheese dinner instead. Diet-To-Go lets you switch out any meals you don’t like for something you do like. As many as you want!

You can choose from several different plans too. The traditional low fat meal plan, the low-carb plan, or the vegetarian plan.  Each plan comes in either a 1200 calorie(for women) or 1600 calorie(for men) version. That is because most women need fewer calories than men…some women might need more depending on starting weight and fitness.

Their website has a diet analysis form you can fill out with your height, weight, age and activity level and it will recommend a calorie level for you. I liked that since I didn’t really know how much I should be eating.

The food comes vacuum packed in dry ice in a really neat Styrofoam cooler. The styrofoam cooler the Diet-To-Meals arrived in.

Vacuum wrappted grilled cheese lunch from Diet-To-Go.The meals come with everything you need for that meal. I received several different things to go with my breakfasts as well as all the condiment needed for the lunches. Everything was covered!

Yogurt and orange juice for breakfasts.

I really really liked that! You don’t have to cook anything else or buy anything else to go with the meals. They included the marmalade and preserves for the muffins, the breadsticks for the salads, and ketchup for the burgers!

You do need to supply the drinks for lunch and dinner if you want those. I usually only drink water these days because everything else is so fattening and I really don’t need any empty calories.

The only thing about the meal plan I don’t much care for is the price. Me and my hubby both need to lose weight and it would cost about $200 bucks a week just for lunch and dinner.  That seem to be on the cheaper side as diet delivery plans go. Some of them cost that much for one person.

I”m thinking that would be money well spent. We have been working on the weight loss thing for ages and not having a lot of success. Having good healthy food that we like delivered once a week might be just the thing to get us on the right track and since we won’t want to have wasted the money we might try harder!

Their website also says that they will work with you on setting up a program that is right for you. So I might be able to get a program set up that doesn’t include all the lunches, since he isn’t here to eat them. They also say they can adjust the frequency or amount of food you are receiving.

If you are looking for a meal delivery plan that has good food then this one should definitely be a contender!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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