Doggie In The Window

This is one of my dogs lying in the window. He was actually sleeping there this time but usually they will be up there looking out.

This one is male and he gets up on the windowsill itself sometimes and barks at things. The other dog likes lie up there with her head on the sill so she can see out.

When we moved in here we put my grandmothers cedar chest in this window just so the dogs could get up there and look out. They stay up there a lot when no one is home with them. We know this because the curtains get moved out of the way when they push through them.

Of course we usually keep the curtains open so they won’t have to do that but sometimes we forget.

We have a couch in front of the window on the back side of the house. The dogs like to get up on the back of it and look out that window too.

So yea basically we set up our house for the comfort of the dogs. Guess that shows who is in charge here.

It could be worse. We don’t allow the chickens inside! And my hubby has strongly resisted the intrusion of any other animals. No cats, ducks, rabbits, hamsters, ferrets, or anything else that “looks so cute!” has been allowed in the house.

That is probably a very wise decision on his part. If it was totally up to me we might end up living in a zoo.

We do have some happy dogs though!

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