K9 Cooler By My Kool Dog Review

The K9 Cooler is a great way to carry cool water for your dog (or other pets). The really great thing about it is you can keep the water cool!

Picture of the bottom of a K9 Cooler bowl showing where to put the ice.The bottom of the bowl has a stopper you remove to put ice(or water) in. Just be careful when you put it back because I didn’t get the stopper back in completely the first time and it leaked.

If you do use ice there will be some condensation on the outside just like on a glass, so don’t sit it down on something that you don’t want to get wet. The dogs won’t mind that at all…they like licking the outside too.

Picture of the top part of the K9 Cooler with water in it.The top bowl holds quite a bit of water. There is plenty in there for even a couple of big dogs.

If you filled the bottom with ice the water in the top will stay cool for a long time. I tested this on my back porch. I put ice in the bottom and water in the top and stuck it outside. The water stayed cool for hours! If it was in a hot car it wouldn’t last as long but it would stay cool for longer than a regular bowl (or jar).

The bowl is easy to use too. Much easier than carrying a bottle of water and a bowl like we used to do. This bowl will sit down on the ground or the car seat the dogs can drink easy without spilling.

Once all the water in the top in gone (or gets too hot) you just turn the bowl over (with the lid on!) and refill the top with the melted ice water.

I really like this K9 Cooler bowl!! They are made in the USA too.

If you want to try one for yourself you can order a K9 Cooler at My Kool Dog and during July you get free shipping (US only).

You can also “like” My Kool Dog on Facebook and follow @mykooldog on Twitter.


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