Selling Square Hay Bales

The farm my husband helps out on has some square hay bales for sale right now. The farm is of course in Arkansas, near Finch and they are charging $3 a bale. Square hay bales.

It is the first cutting this year which from what I’ve been told (several times) isn’t usually as good as the second cutting. I’m also told (again several times!) that this is because the second cutting has more Bermuda grass in it.

Those of you who care about this probably already knew that and know exactly what he means.  In any case it is supposed to be decent hay but NOT the best hay.

Apparently the first cutting needs to be sold (mostly) to make room for the second cutting. This is because, as my husband has told me (several times!) square bales have to be under cover and the barn out there can only hold so many bales.

The man who owns the farm will be keeping some for his horses but has quite a bit to get rid of.

So if you are in the NE Arkansas area and know of anyone needing some square bales of decent hay…please refer them to this post or the Craigslist posting.

I’m getting really tired of hearing about hay.

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