Rain Is Great For Flowers

We have some really gorgeous flowers coming up right now. They started popping up about a week ago. They do come every year usually but this year they are a lot thicker than they have been the last few years.

A picture of of lovely pink and white flowers in my yard.I think they are some kind of lily. Someone once told me they are called Naked Ladies. At least I think it is the same flower.

They are beautiful anyway. And very wet.

Picture of pink and white flowers up close.It has rained off on and for a week now. Or has it been longer? It seems like forever. The sun will come out for a couple of hours and then it rains again. Sometimes even storms.

My dogs hide behind the furniture or under the bed if we are in the bedroom. They don’t like thunder.

It has rained enough already. West of here it is flooding.  The tourist town of Eureka Springs and other small towns in northwest Arkansas are having problems. Eastern Oklahoma and southern Missouri are too.

If you want to see some pictures of the flooding in the Eureka Springs area check out the Facebook pages of the Eureka Springs Independent , the Lovely County Citizen, or the Carroll County News. There are pictures of torn up roads and lots and lots of water.

There was a report I saw on my Facebook freed about a winery getting washed out. They were asking folks downstream to keep an eye out for any of their equipment.

It isn’t that bad here but if it keeps on raining…we might be in real trouble.

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