Are Spiders Taking Over The World?

Picture of a Black and Yellow Garden Spider from Arkansas.There are several of these Black and Yellow Garden Spiders in my yard this year. One took up residence on my front porch.

I let her stay because we need to keep people off the porch till it is fixed and I don’t know of a better way to keep people from going near it than seeing a huge spider right where you have to walk.

Most of the folks I know will turn around and go the other way. It works better than a sign. I have actually seen people ignore signs…never seen one ignore a big spider.

She laid some eggs though and that made my hubby worried. He has seen those old science fiction movies where the people wake up one morning and their house is covered in webs. They can’t get out and at the end of the movie the camera pulls back and shows the whole town covered with webs.

I told him I didn’t think that would happen but he wasn’t too sure so I looked the spider up online.

These are pretty common spiders. You can find them just about everywhere. The official name of them is Argiope aurantia.  They are not supposed to be dangerous to people at all and most of the baby spiders do not survive the winter so it is unlikely that we will be invaded come spring, especially if the winter is really cold as the Farmers Almanac claims it will be.

Besides that there are quite a few of these spiders out in the yard that my hubby hasn’t seen. They build huge webs in between trees or branches or even between stalks of high grass and if you are not watching where you are going you will end up in a web. Mom says there were lots of these out in the cornfields when she used to go pick corn.

I have almost walked into them before. Saw it at the last second and almost fell flat on my butt getting away from it. I watch where I’m going outside now. The spiders don’t bother me as long as they are in their webs…but if they get on me then the whole neighborhood is gonna hear me screaming.

It doesn’t look like they are gonna be taking over the world soon though. At least not these spiders. Not too sure about those little ones that keep putting cobwebs in the corners of my living room. Those are sneaky little boogers. No telling what they are up to.

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