The CEO By Steve Bederman Review

Cover picture of The CEO by Steve Bederman.The CEO by Steve Bederman is a pretty good read. It is a corporate thriller which basically means it is about big business and the people who run the corporations.

The story is basically about a corporation and the man who runs it being attacked by someone trying to take it over or destroy it and the man who runs it.

This book is pretty much action packed from the start and the story takes place in lots of different places all over the world.

It also has some romance and murder and crime. It pretty much covers everything.

The author knows the subject as he has been the CEO of an international company himself. That is probably one of the reasons the book has made it to the best sellers list on

About the book (from the back cover) :

Climbing the corporate ladder is murder.

Faced with the constant revelation of corporate and personal threats Mitch and his team of loyalists race against time to uncover a plot to expose a 200 year old secret between two of the world’s most powerful countries. If revealed it could destroy the delicate balance of power, but if protected could crush all that Mitch Jacobs desires – including the woman he loves.

The CEO takes readers behind the scenes of back office meetings between corporations and countries where powerful business leaders are zealously protected by small corporate armies whose power will surprise. Being on top means always watching your back. Keep your friends close, and enemies closer.

About the Author :

Steve Bederman, himself a long time international CEO, draws from his real life boardroom experience to blend believable corporate drama with international mystery and intrigue. He is the Founder of Commerce for Peace, a non-profit international organization committed to overcoming cultural, ethnic, and religious differences by working together toward common business goals. Steve is a long time resident of Denver, Colorado where he lives his wife Judy and daughter Tiffanie. When he is not busy putting Mitch Jacobs in mortal danger, Steve is CEO of an international technology company.

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  1. Steve Bederman has also written two other best selling novels in the Mystery, Thriller, Suspense genre. Both are a continuation of the dynamic protagonist, Mitch Jacobs. “This is corporate suspense at the highest levels of international intrigue,” said Bederman.

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