Wearever Diabetic Socks Review

Wearever LogoI never thought much about socks before. They were just things you put on your feet to make your shoes more comfortable or to help keep your feet warm in the winter.

My mom mentioned recently that she has developed an allergy to the elastic in her socks. She has been allergic to other elastics (plastic gloves) for a while but now her legs are breaking out in a rash when she wears socks with elastic in them. She has woken herself up at night scratching the rash.

So socks were sort of on my mind when I received an email from Wearever a company that makes Incontinence underwear and diabetic socks I checked them out and found out they make some socks that do not have any elastic in them!

Cotton socks with no elastic in them.

I don’t remember ever seeing socks without elastic. They must have all been made that way at one time because elastic hasn’t been around for all that long (a couple of centuries) and it took time for them to figure out how to use it.

I asked my mom if she would like to try those socks and she said sure, so I had them send me a pack of Cotton Diabetic Socks by Buster Brown for her and a pack of Diabetic Loose Top Socks by Buster Brown for me. I wanted the loose tops because my legs swell a bit sometimes and other socks tend to be too tight.

My mom loved the cotton socks without the elastic! She is going to wear them out pretty soon and will have to get some more. She says they stay up well even without the elastic so there is no real reason to have elastic in them anyway.

I love the loose top socks. They fit really well and they don’t leave marks on my legs from being too tight. They are comfortable and they seem to be holding up well even though I have worn them pretty much every day since getting them.

In case you are wondering there is more than one pair of socks in a pack! So they have gotten washed a few times too…I haven’t been wearing dirty socks every day. Just some days :p

Check out Wearever on Facebook, Pinterest, and of course their Website (for ordering).

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