Birds Eye® Voila!® – Alfredo Chicken Family Size Review

Family Size Alfredo Chicken from Birds EyeI have fallen in love with Birds Eye® Voila!® – Alfredo Chicken Family Size.

The first time I just grabbed a bag to try it because my step-son ordered Alfredo Chicken at restaurants a couple of times and my hubby tried it and said it was good.

I probably could make some from scratch that might be better but I’m not even sure what all ingredients it takes and besides this is soooo convenient and easy!

Just open up the bag and put everything in a pan with a bit of water and heat it up for 15 minutes and you have dinner!

The package contains carrots, broccoli, and garden peas as well as chicken, pasta and Alfredo sauce.

So it is actually a well rounded meal all by itself.  And there is plenty of it. Unless you have someone in the family that eats a whole lot (growing boys – working men) it should be enough for several people. If you have more than four people for dinner just add another package(be sure to adjust cooking time).

Me and my hubby usually have leftovers that are eaten for lunch the next day.

I really like this for those days when I’m just not feeling up to cooking a lot. Shopping days for instance. After spending half the day in town dealing with traffic and crowded stores and long lines…cooking is the last thing I want to do.

This Birds Eye® Voila!® – Alfredo Chicken Family Size is easy…it only needs stiring a couple of times and then you serve it and eat!

And have the hubby or kids do the dishes!

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  1. I also enjoy this frozen meal, it comes in quite handy when you are just too busy to cook a meal…’s also in one pot, which makes clean up a bit easier too! I like it for when I’m too lazy to cook….I just like to “doctor” mine up just a tad sometimes, with a little bit of cream cheese, or what not.

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