Formula Maker Could Be A Boon To Moms

I remember having to make bottles when baby sitting my grand-baby. If you want to boil the water(safer for young babies) you have to wait for it to cool and then hope you don’t cool it too much. If you make the bottles ahead then you have to warm them back up and maybe get them too hot and have to cool them again.

This new Piena Tender Touch Baby Formula Maker
could really make that easier. From what I read on their website it boils the water and cools it down in under two minutes. They have some videos on YouTube you can check out to see how it works.

That means you can fix a safe, sanitary bottle a lot quicker! You still have to clean the bottles and everything else of course but not having to heat and cool the water would save a lot of time.

It has a section that stores the formula so you just turn it to drop the formula into the bottle. It is supposed to keep the formula fresh and dry for up to 4 weeks.

All you moms should check it out and see what you think. You can visit The Piena Facebook page for more information. Piena can also be found on Twitter at @PieanaInc and on Indiegogo.

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