Get Your Hubby A Man Can For His Man Cave

Uncommon Goods Man Can

A little over a year ago I did a review of a Man Cave Gift Set from Uncommon Goods. Me and my hubby liked all the items in the set but the Man Can has a special place in my hubbies heart…and his work out room.

Of course his work out room is also my library so I have to smell it too. We both like it but he mentions every so often how much he likes the smell of the room.

The Man Can I got for him is supposed to smell like fresh cut grass. I’m not really sure they managed to capture that smell exactly but it does smell outdoorsy and it a good smell.

We keep the door to the library/work out room closed to keep the dogs out (one has been known to chew paper and we can’t have that) and smell of the Man Can has pretty much permeated the room. You can’t smell it till you open the door but then the scent hits you in the face.

This is a GOOD thing because with him doing his exercising in there it would soon end up smelling like sweaty man(or cleaner, which is worse).

So if you want to get your hubby something for his Man Cave (or workout room) one of these candles would be a good idea.

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