Stores Ready For Christmas Already

Christmas Tree Ornaments Stores already have all the Christmas stuff out. Or at least some of it.

The Christmas trees and lights are on display already. So if you are needing a new Christmas tree this year you can go on and buy that now and get it out of the way.

Lots of lights and other decorations are out too. I don’t think any of the stores have their whole stock out yet…the Halloween stuff is still taking up some room.

Some places have gift sets out on display already too. I don’t really mind that. I love looking at all the different perfume and make up sets they put up displays for. It is irritating not to be able to find the things that used to be there though.

It was bad enough when that only happened at the end of November through December but now it starts in the middle of October!

I’m seriously thinking about having all my stuff delivered. Then I won’t have to go shopping at all. I can just hibernate all winter.

The only real problem with that…other than shipping costs of course…is that I would be bored out of my skull in a few weeks if I never went to town at all.

And after all it is only for a couple of months.

It seems to be contagious though. I have noticed the last week that some people are putting up the Christmas decorations on their houses already too.

What’s the deal with that? Do you have decorations up already? When do you think they should go up?

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  1. Not till after Thanksgiving for us. I saw Christmas items for sale in SEPTEMBER!! I was seeing Halloween item on clearance well before Halloween. I am just so confused!

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