The Riddles Of Hillgate By Zoey & Claire Kane Review

Cover of The Riddles Of Hillgate by Zoey & Claire Kane. The Riddles Of Hillgate by Zoey & Claire Kane is just pure fun from start to finish.

I was expecting your run of the mill mystery and this was no where near “run of the mill”.

It does have your mystery and your scary bits but that is the only thing about it that was what I expected.

The main characters in this book are just fun. I would love to hang out with these ladies. You would never be bored for sure.

This story has lots of neat things going on. Hidden treasure!! A murder mystery. A bit of clean romance. And a great ending.

I liked it. A lot!

About the book :

Zoey Kane is known around Riverside for making risky purchases. When her daughter Claire learns a most recent investment is eighty acres on the haunted side of town, she is simply flabbergasted. Amazement takes over the whole community, however, when an old mansion is discovered deep within trees. After the estate is turned into a popular hotel, no one could have expected just how risky this purchase would be.

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The Z&C Mysteries are a fresh, unique series, where the mother and daughter can kick butt in heels if they have to. The situations can get very scary, but nothing is ever too gory. The reading is clean, while also vibrant. It’s just plain fast-paced fun.

About the Authors:

Claire has a Masters in Journalism, was Editor for Eye Witness Magazine and can’t make Irish Rum Cookies to save her life.

Zoey has dabbled in modeling, is a licensed real-estate agent, seeks for treasures (great and small), and is often underestimated.

Together, Zoey and Claire are a mother-daughter mystery solving duo. During their downtime, they dream of island men whisking them away.

(Zoey and *Claire are also fictional, and their authors are a real life mother and daughter who use their names as pseudonyms. Don’t tell them that, though.)

*Award-winning author, Molly Snow, writes under Claire Kane. To see her paranormal romantic comedies, visit

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