Lady-bug Explosion

Picture of a bunch of lady-bugs.Last week we had some weird weather. First it was pretty cool but not cold then we had two days where it got below freezing. Then it warmed back up.

There were actually a couple of days up in the 7os! Now it is cold again.

During that warm spell a bunch of lady-bug eggs must have hatched out around here. I know there were hundreds of them on my back porch. They started off up in the corner where the post meets the ceiling. They spread out from there.

Into the house even. Every time you opened the door several of them ended up inside. You couldn’t even walk outside without bringing a bunch of them inside with you.

My mom said a bunch hatched at her house too and that my dad came in the house with them all over him. He had to go back out and sweep himself off.

That was kind of neat because lady bugs are good to have around. They eat all the bad bugs especially aphids. I did worry that they might not make it through the winter but on doing some research it seems they find nooks and crannies to hide in and hibernate during the winter. Unless they happen to be in your nice warm house. In that case you might see them wandering around.

Hibernation sounds good about now. I don’t like cold weather. How about you?

photo credit: Jason A. Samfield via photopin cc

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