Another Brand New Year

All bright and shiny and sparkling and smelling clean.

Enjoy it folks! The new will wear off fast.

Although it actually doesn’t seem that long since last year was new. I remember having all sorts of resolutions and plans for what I was gonna do with my bright, shiny, spanking new year.

I don’t think any of those actually happened. I didn’t lose a lot of weight, become the worlds best housekeeper, or a great cook. I didn’t even manage to keep the furniture dusted.

I had also planned to do more writing on my blogs. That didn’t happen either. I did improve my writing a bit I think (I could be delusional) and have managed to write a few longer posts but writing every day just didn’t happen.

It isn’t gonna happen this year either. Probably. I’m not making any resolutions anyway.

I might pick ONE thing to work on but I’m NOT gonna have a long list because I hate disappointing myself not to mention anyone else that happens to care.

All that said…I’m feeling better this year (so far) and even if I didn’t do the things I planned….lots of other things got accomplished that are not so easy to measure.

I don’t worry so much for one thing. That is a big improvement.

How was your year? Did you do all you wanted to do? Did you make resolutions this year?

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