Biting Children

No I’m not advocating that you go around biting kids. Although from what I remember it seems to work pretty well.

I was about 4 or so and my older cousin(by 5 whole months!) was really into biting.

She bit several people. I’m not sure what kind of punishment she got the first few times. She even bit her mother once I think.

But then…she bit me. On the arm. Hard. I mean really hard. There were deep tooth marks. She almost drew blood.

It hurt. I remember that I screamed and cried.

My aunt was really upset and mad. She grabbed my cousin and bit her arm. Pretty hard. My cousin cried.

My aunt told her that she was gonna bite her back every time she bit someone else. As far as I know she never did it again.

Personally I thought that was perfectly justified…after all it seemed only fair.  And it worked.

These days my aunt would probably be arrested for child abuse. Not sure if “they” would want to punish my cousin in any way for biting someone else but children should not be allowed to keep on hurting other people either.

How would you handle a situation like that? What do modern parents do to keep kids from biting?


  1. I would’ve bitten her back.
    I’ve always been a biter. Seriously, there’s still a chance I’ll bite you, but you’re safe as long as you don’t try to sneak up on me, let alone pick me up. I sort of black out and … chomp! My fiancé learnt that the hard way.

    See, when I was younger, about seven, I was almost a victim of kidnapping. The only thing that got be free was biting the guy’s arm and drawing blood. I lost my baby teeth quite early, too, so I’d the same decent set of chompers back than that I do now. Lots of sharp bits.

    The first time my daughter bit me, I told her to bite her arm and see how it felt. She’s never tried to bite anyone since then.

    1. Ouch. With your history I don’t blame you for wanting to bite. I feel the urge now and then but I have no excuse.

      Telling her to bite herself was a really good idea. She was smart enough to figure out that it felt the same to other people though…some kids might not be able to do that.

      That is definitely worth a try. If it doesn’t work…

  2. I.find reality discipline really does work with kids. My first inclination would be to bite her back but probably even better is what the lady suggested above. If A child Is Old Enough Have Them bite Themselves. I think this would be quite effective

  3. Thanks Shelley :)

    I agree that discipline does work. Some parents…especially the younger ones don’t seem to know how to do that. Probably because they didn’t see it from their own parents.

    Now I’m wondering how old would be old enough?

  4. When I was in school my son was enrolled in the University Campus Day Care. I new many of the students that did their internships there. When I went to pick him up one day he was sitting in an interns lap and crying. He was about 3 years old. I knew the intern and she was very protective of my son. She pulled me aside and explained that one of the other children bit him and that it was an ongoing problem with that child. My first thought was ‘why is that child still enrolled there being a danger to other children.’ My second thought was ‘OH NO HE DIDN’T’. I held my son’s hand and calmly walked him over to that child and told him to bite him back which he did. It caused quite an outrage but I didn’t and still don’t care. As I told them, “this is obviously and ongoing problem which they failed to resolve and I will be damned if it repeats itself with my son.” The intern kept me clued in with updates and guess what??? Situation resolved. That child stopped biting.

    1. The people running the daycare should have done something about that before you had to. At the very least they should have informed the parent of the kid doing the biting.

      I suppose they might have done that and the parent didn’t care…seems like they might be worried about getting sued though.

      I’m glad it worked out!

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