Jord™ Wood Watches Review

Disclosure : I received a free product to review.

These Jord™ Wood Watches are gorgeous!

I didn’t even know there were watches made out of wood till I saw these. I love the way they look.

They let me pick out one to review. I picked the Fieldcrest in Natural Green. Mainly because I wanted one that either me or my husband could wear.

Picture of the front of the Fieldcrest Natural Green Jord watch. Picture of the back of the Fieldcrest Natural Green Jord watch.








Isn’t that beautiful? I love the look of the wood and it feels nice too. Nice and smooth and I just want to keep touching it.

It looks like I will not get to wear it much if at all. My husband got the mail and grabbed the box before I even had a chance to look at it and put the watch on. All he said to me was “this is mine”.

Jprd watch on my husbands arm.

He did have to adjust the band a bit. It was slightly too loose for him and  even more loose on me.  It is easy to adjust it.  It has little pins or screws that you remove to take out one or more links in the band.

If you don’t want to do it yourself (or don’t have a screwdriver that small) any store that sells watches should have someone able to do it for you.

The Jord™ watch is really well made and seems really sturdy. I would not let my husband wear it out to the farm though. Even if it is sturdy enough to handle the beating it might take out there…I don’t want it damaged.

These wood watches are only splash resistant which means it is ok to wear in the kitchen or on the beach but it shouldn’t be submerged and if gets wet you need to dry it off as soon as possible.

They DO ship internationally and will accept all the major credit/debit cards.

For more information you can find them on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

Free Product Disclosure

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