Old Wash Tubs And Driftwood

Picture of some old wash tubs and a piece of driftwood.Those belonged to my grandmother. She always had a round wash tub as long as I can remember.

When I was little it was used for putting stuff in out of the garden. Corn especially. Also for washing tomatoes and stuff before canning. Green beans before they were hulled.

I remember sitting outside with a big wash tub full of beans and everyone had a bowl to put the snapped beans or peas in. There was usually a whole group of people and they had a ball talking and teasing while getting the beans ready for canning.

I don’t know where she got the square ones. I know she wanted them cause she said they were like ones her grandma (I think…might have been her momma) had used when she was little.

We painted them and used them for holding drinks for my outdoor wedding a few years back.

We still have them. They could be used as planters or something now. We will do something with them eventually.

I have no idea where she got the driftwood. She liked it because it was shaped like a man. We still have it too.


  1. I love how something so seemingly unimportant, can bring back so many memories. I’ve been thinking of my grandma a lot this week myself. I have an old potato holder/stand someone hand made for her, and whenever I see a quilting frame it reminds me of her.

    1. Yea. I’m going through a lot of old pictures and digitizing some of them. Quite a few of them will probably end up as posts.

      It is amazing how you might think you don’t remember a certain thing…but seeing a picture or hearing someone else talk about it will remind you.

      You reminded me that my Mema also had a potato/onion holder…hadn’t thought of that in years. What does your look like? If I find a picture of hers in those old pics I’ll post it.

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