Caboose In Paragould, Arkansas

The Caboose in downtown Paragould, Arkansas.I took this picture a few years ago. Not sure how many years but not too many :p It is a picture of the old caboose on the tracks downtown.

That is where the Loose Cabooose Festival is usually held. They didn’t have it down there last year because of some issues with people getting on the railroad tracks. At least I think that was why they moved it.

It wasn’t the same. It just isn’t really the Loose Caboose without the caboose actually being there.

I hope they came up with a solution to whatever the problem was for this years festival. It is supposed to be held the third weekend in May which will be the 16th and 17th this year.

According to the festival Facebook page it may be turning into and Arts and Music Festival. That sounds just fine to me.

In fact there is a new page on Facebook for the Downtown Paragould Arts & Music Festival. They have a sign up form on the page for artists.

No idea yet what other vendors might there. I hope they will still have all the food. Maybe even onion blossoms.

It should be fun anyway. Hope to see you there!

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