Keep Your Pets Warm

Picture of a horse on a couch in the living room.And if you can’t bring them in the house at least make sure they have a warm place somewhere.

Even a dog house is good so long as it is where it can’t be buried in ice or snow and is out of the wind.

Both of our outside dogs are snuggled up in one dog house. They like being together and they stay warmer that way. The house is out of the wind and is under our car-port so the rain/sleet/snow doesn’t get in.

The horses are in a barn…not on our couch. But since they are not house broken it is much better that way :p

Chickens are in the coop huddled up in a bunch keeping warm.

I have not seen any stray cats or other strays around here in a long time but if you do have strays around your house you can make a little shelter for them out of Styrofoam coolers if you want.

Picture of a cat shelter made of styrofoam.I expect that would work just as well for smaller dogs or other animals but the hole might need to be a bit bigger.

Here in Northeast Arkansas we have had sleet or freezing rain all morning. That comes on top of the sleet/snow that fell the day before.

Animals will be grateful for any shelter they can find. If you see animals stuck outside please call the police…or at least remind the owners that the animals are there…just in case they forgot. Or both.

You might also consider donating to animal shelters or rescue organizations. They get a lot of animals when the weather is bad and they need help…both volunteers and donations.

If you need some suggestions…I like Spay Arkansas, Dirks FundNorth East Arkansas for Animals, Peace and Paws, and Angels Among Us Pet Rescue. There are lots of other good ones out there too.

Volunteer if you can and if you have any extra money please donate!

Some human shelters might also be in need of help :) The Northeast Arkansas Food Bank feeds a lot of folks and Mission Outreach in Paragould, Arkansas offers a shelter for those that need it. The Salvation Army is in Jonesboro, Arkansas but I’m not sure if they have a shelter or only do meals. There are other shelters all over the place. You might consider supporting the one nearest you.

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