Old Wagon Wheel Makes A Great Decoration

IMG_0161I’m not sure where she found it but my mom has had this wagon wheel for a long time.

She painted it red and it was on that pole in the yard for a while.

I’m not sure why it got moved but when my dad bought the land next door and build his “barn” on it he took this wagon wheel and chained it up over the door of the building.

I’ll try to get out there and take a picture of it. I’m not even gonna try while there is ice on the ground. That hill is slippery. I have no desire to fall on my butt and slide all the way down the hill.

Mainly because I’m not sure I could get back up!

We have a couple other old wagon wheels around here too…but the wood part of those is rotted and falling apart. This one only lasted because she painted it good I think.

It is pretty. What do you think?

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