The Ice Is Melted!

Ice on moms house.

This huge icicle was hanging off my moms house just beside the porch a few days ago.

Ice on the walkway to my porch.This is what the walkway to my porch looked like a few days ago. It was really slippery.

Then it warmed up and it all melted and I can actually walk out to the gate without almost falling on my hiney.

I’m so glad to see the sun. Hope it all melts (or has melted) wherever you happen to be.


    1. Oh yea. Our driveway was icy too…under the carport right next to my car door so every time I went to get in the car I almost fell.

      I’m so glad that is gone!

  1. That’s a deadly icicle! We only had a couple of two-inch ones on our roof, as cold weather is afraid of the South. Good thing, because people around here can’t drive when it’s warm…

    1. Hah! We must know the same drivers. Or they must be the same all over the south. If it gets the least bit icy here the ditches fill up with vehicles. You would think they would learn. After all it has done that for the last three winters now.

  2. I live in Maine, and we have had a very rough winter this year. I am sooooo over it. The last few days have been warm and sunny though, so I’m hoping that it will help melt some of this snow we have. I am tired of looking at it! It’s not even white and pretty anymore, it’s that gross dirty looking snow that just needs to go away already!

    1. Well it looks like the warm spell we had is over. I do hope there isn’t more ice though.

      I hope it melts for you soon.

      I never really thought about snow being dirty. Down here it usually doesn’t last long enough to get dirty. Except the bits right alongside the roads where it has been piled up by the graders.

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