Ever Seen A Bottle Tree?

I hadn’t either till my grandmother decided to make one.

My Grandmother's Bottle Tree in her back yard.I think it would have been better with a few “branches” but that would have been harder to do.

This was like several of the other decorations she had…she saw one somewhere and wanted to make one of her own.

She did a pretty good job of it. She had all kinds of bottles on there. Some old coke bottles, old whiskey bottles,  weird shaped bottles (triangular), and even a few vases.

It was really pretty when the sunshine was sparkling on it. The bottles did get a bit dirty over time and lost a bit of the sparkle but rain took care of most of that.

I guess that is a pretty good place to put old bottles if they are not going to be recycled.

What do you think?


  1. My husband too a pine tree that had a lot of good sized branches and made a coat rack out of it for me as a christmas gift.

    1. Oooo now that sounds like something I would really like.

      Do you have a picture of it? Did he have to do anything special to it? I can’t even remember the name of that stuff you put on furniture to make it not rot..

      You have a pretty handy husband! :)

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