Henry’s Re-Entry By Welcome Cole Review

Cover picture of Henry's Re-Entry by Welcome Cole.I loved this book! Henry’s Re-Entry by Welcome Cole is a really good read.

One thing I really liked about it is that it keeps you guessing pretty much all the way through. I was thinking that I understood the situation Henry was in and why he was doing all that drinking.

I was rooting for him all the way through while he met all those people that helped (or scared the crap out of) him. Then near the end I found out that the situation was NOT what I thought it was.

That was a revelation! In his shoes I would probably turn into a hoarder with 100 cats (or worse).

I also liked that there were so many different types of people that he met…and all of them were interesting. This book has some great characters in it.

It is also a fairly fast moving and easy read and very well written.

This book was so good that I gave it to my mom and told her she had to read it. I think my dad would actually like it too. (They have not finished reading it yet or I would tell you what they thought of it- I’ll edit later).

So yea…you will probably like it too.

Book Summary :

When Henry wakes up on the floor of a dirty gas station bathroom, covered in vomit and hugging a greasy toilet, and with absolutely no idea where he is or how he ended up there, he knows this is going to be the best outing ever. This outing is going to be Epic!

Henry is a man on the run. The beast chasing him wears the face of his murdered wife. Fueled by guilt, the beast has him running the gauntlet of an ever-hopeful, but chronically unsuccessful suicide marathon.

He’s spent the last four years running away from his life. During the workweek, he merely exists, performing the inevitable and necessary functions of life, moving through his world like an automaton. But when that assembly line of existence ultimately reaches its end on Friday afternoon, Henry launches into orbit on a liquor propelled rocket. His flight begins when he straps himself into his favorite barstool late Friday and ends with his splashdown sometime late Sunday night, and the time spent in between is a fog of chaotic memories.

During this latest flight, however, he experiences some unexpected turbulence. This time he crash-lands seven hundred miles from home, unencumbered by a car or wallet. Hungover, angry, and broke, he’s forced to hitchhike his way back, trolling for rides along the hot, dusty backland highways of New Mexico.

But the real story begins with the procession of characters he encounters along the way. The cowboy bartender, the lovesick preacher, the militant social worker, the escaped convict, the psychic, and the woman with the kryptonite eyes, all find their way past his barricades. Each one manages to make contact with him and help him find another piece of himself. Each one helps him find the strength necessary to finally bury his dead and re-enter his life.

Equal parts hilarious, passionate, and emotionally intense, this is the story of a man’s unexpected rescue at the hands of an assortment of eccentric, compelling people, people he’d normally have crossed the street to avoid.

About the Author :

Welcome Cole is a writer of fantasy, contemporary novels, and urban fiction. He spends his time in the lakes and forests of Traverse City, Michigan and in the desert and mountains of Castle Rock, Colorado. He has degrees in Nursing and Business Administration, and writes at every opportunity. His book, The Pleasure of Memory, will be followed up shortly with his contemporary fiction novel, Henry’s Re-entry. The second volume of the Blood Caeyl Memories, The Shadows of Memory, will be released in early 2014.

You can get your own copy of the book on Amazon.com or Barnes & Noble.

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Virtualbookworm.com button.This book review is part of a blog tour hosted by Virtualbookworm.com Publishing. I received a free book to review. My opinion is still 100% my own.

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