Looking For Egg Recipes

Since I got rid of one of my roosters (and the weather has improved) my hens have started laying again.
A picture of some of my chickens.

I’m getting 6 to 8 eggs a day.Fresh laid eggs from my hens.

I did find one easy recipe online that is basically a baked omelet.

It was on one of the recipe sites and I can’t remember which one. I did not (of course) follow all the instructions for that recipe but what I ended up with is really good.

You mix up a bunch of eggs (I’ve been using 5 or 6). Chop some bell peppers (any and all colors) and onion. Tear up some spinach leaves. Chop up some cheese – I’ve been using a Monterrey and Colby mix.

The instructions I read called for just mixing the stuff up and putting it in the oven.

I have been cooking the onion and bell pepper a bit first and then adding the spinach leaves and cooking them till wilted. Then adding the cheese and pouring the eggs over that and sticking it in the oven.

My husband is loving that. Which is a good thing for him because he doesn’t eat enough vegetables and this is one way of getting him to eat them. Besides eggs are a great source of protein and this is a pretty healthy breakfast! Or dinner even.

I need a few more good recipes that use eggs though. The eggs are already getting ahead of us and when the other hens start to laying more regular we will be swamped…and the neighbors will only take so many.

Do you have any good recipes? Preferably easy to make.

Please leave a comment with a link to any good recipes you know of. Or just tell us how to make it if it is really easy!


  1. Quiche! It will use up a lot of eggs, and you can toss whatever veggies in them as well. One of my favorite egg dishes. It does take time to cook, but it’s pretty easy to toss together.

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