SmileBrilliant Professional Teeth Whitening Kit Review

Disclosure: I received a free product to review.

It has been a long time (over 8 years!) since I used a teeth whitening product so my teeth were slightly yellow and some areas were stained pretty dark.

So when I was offered the chance to review this Led Teeth Whitening System from Smile Brilliant I decided it was time to go on and do something about those stains.

Led Teeth Whitening Kit from SmileBrilliant.Besides that it would give me a chance to see if it actually worked. I had checked into having my teeth whitened at the dentists office but that costs too much. It would be really nice to have an alternative that works.

Smille Brilliant sent me a kit that came in a neat little package: Picture of the Teeth Whitening Kit from SmileBrilliant.That is the back of the kit…the promo picture at the top of the post shows the front of the box and the contents. I tried taking pictures myself but every single one came out blurry.

The kit contains the Led Light, the tooth guard,  and the whitening gel. You have to remove a plastic insert in the led light that keeps the battery from running down.

Then you have to twist, and twist, and twist the gel pen. It really wasn’t that bad but it did take a few twists to get the gel out.

Then you coat your teeth with the gel, Put the tooth guard in, then put the led light in your mouth and turn it on.

You are supposed to leave it in for at least 20 minutes(the led light that is) and leave the gel and tooth guard on for 1 to 3 hours. They have custom fitted teeth whitening trays you can get instead if you have trouble keeping the tooth guard on that long.

I did NOT manage to keep it on that long. No where near that long actually. I tried and had unexpected interruptions each time. It didn’t matter though(not too much anyway).

The stains are gone which is a big improvement and my teeth are whiter. They would probably be a lot whiter if it was left on the full time but since I have some crowns in front that are off white I don’t want my real teeth being TOO white.

My natural tooth color isn’t pure white anyway so there is only so much that can be done to whiten them.

I’m happy with the improvement! And since these kits only cost $39.95 it won’t cost too much to redo it in the future when they get stained again (I’m a coffee drinker so it’s gonna happen).

Some folks such as pregnant women and kids under 18 should consult their doctors and dentists before using any teeth whitening product.

Smile Brilliant can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


  1. Great product review! I’ve also tried SmileBrilliant’s whitening kit and it worked wonders. Before using, I also have it checked by my Chandler dentist because I’m a product paranoid like that. He gave me the thumbs up and strictly advised me that I should follow the instructions carefully. Now, I’m enjoying taking selfies with my teeth showing. Haha.

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