A Box Of Fuzzballs

One of my hens died this last week. She was the last of the oldest ones. All the rest of my hens are less than 5 years old.

I was already short of hens now that I have a rooster and none of them seem to want to go broody (yet) this year. So we checked at the feed store and got a few.

Picture of orpington chicks.

I had only intended to get three of four from there. I figure at least one of my hens will go broody before the end of May and we could hatch some of our own. Of course that didn’t go so well last year as only 5 hatched and several of them ended up getting killed one way or another.

So since my hubby thought we should make sure we had enough (in case some of them just died or got eaten by a cat or something) we ended up with ten of the little fuzz balls.

They almost got eaten by a cat before we even got out of the feed store. We had a box with us to put them in and my hubby put the box on the floor while we were looking at the waterers and getting the chick feed.

One of the resident cats(they have quite a few there -good thing- they eat the mice) came over and was trying to get in the box. She almost made it before I saw her. The chicks would have been a pretty good breakfast for her.

Picture of my chicks at the feeder.

We have them in a big box in our “library” room.  We couldn’t find the feeder at first so I had put the feed in the top of an egg carton and the chicks made a mess in the box. I did eventually find the feeder and it is in there now so after I do a clean up the box won’t be quite so messy.

Well except they do tend to poop all over the place. They even managed to poop in the water. They will be too big to do that before long.

Picture of an Orpington chick sleeping under a lamp.Right now all they do is eat, drink, poop, and sleep. They mostly tend to sleep in a little clump but the one in this picture is all my herself under the lamp.

That is just a regular table lamp, one of those colored lamps you can get at Wal-Mart. It has an old 75 watt bulb it.  I know all the chicken sites will tell you to get a big heat lamp…but this is the way we did it before and it worked fine (and people did it this way for years).

The chicks seem to be just fine. In fact they may have gotten a bit too warm this morning as they were all sleeping away from the lamp for a while.

I’ll be taking pictures and posting them all summer most likely. You might as well settle in and get ready to be inundated with chick pictures.

It could be worse…I wanted to get a couple of rabbits too but hubby wouldn’t let me.

Do you have any baby animals in your house this spring? What kind? Got pictures?

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