Easy Bite Size Snacks

Disclosure: I received a free product to review.

J&J Snack Foods have come out with some new SuperPretzel® SoftStix® that are really good.

Picture of boxes of Softstix snacks.

These are basically just little bitty soft pretzels with a cheese filling.  The filling comes in three flavors, Cheddar Cheese (which I really liked!), Nacho, and Buffalo (which I didn’t like). My husband liked the Nacho best.

The Buffalo was just a bit too strong for me.

One good thing about these is that you can heat them in the oven or in the microwave. They tend to come out crispier in the oven but if you have someone who can’t eat crispy stuff then you will want to use the microwave.

I used the oven and my hubby said some of them were too hard for him to chew (it is possible that I left them in there too long – please don’t tell him that). I did better with the second batch.

Second batch of Softstix I baked.

In the oven they only take 6 to 7 minutes and in the microwave they are ready in less than a minute. So if you have a horde of game watchers descend on you without warning…these are a great way to feed them quickly.

One serving of SoftStix® (two of them) has 130 calories. I’m not sure if you will be able to stop at one serving though. A box contains 6 servings and I could easily sit there and eat them all myself.

With April being National Soft Pretzel Month this would be a great time to try them!

The SoftStix® product page has a link to a printable coupon to take to the store with you.

You can connect with SuperPretzel® on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest too.

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