Orpington Chicks In A Box – Second Week

Orpington Chicks about 12 days old.Here are the little fuzzballs again. Still mostly fuzz but not quite so little.

They are about 12 days old and are getting some feathers on their wings and backs now. You can barely see the feathers on the wing of the chick on the left.

Chicks sitting on thier feeder.They love to climb up and sit on the feeder. And poop in it too. It would be worse with a regular bowl though.

One good thing is that I only had to clean poop off their butts three times. It does accumulate in the box. I have plenty of wood shavings so it won’t get too bad. The wood shavings get replaced every so often(when it starts to smell bad or look bad).

My dog by the box of orpington chicks.My dog goes in there with me sometimes when I’m checking on them or cleaning up after them.

Sometimes she just stands there like that licking her mouth…other times she will go over and look in the holes in the box and her body will shake…she wants them!!

Not sure if she would eat them or just try to play with them. They are too small still to risk it. Maybe later I’ll try and see if she can be around them without hurting them.

It would be nice to be able to let them out in the main yard later on but I won’t do that unless I’m sure the dogs won’t get one. I would be very upset if the dogs ate one of the chickens.

Better to keep them separated.

The chicks are doing good and growing fast. They are gonna have to stay inside for another week or so at least. As soon as they have some real feathers and it is not real cold at night..out they go!

For now I am having fun watching them in the box. They are so cute!


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