Sylvania LED Motion Sensor Light

Disclosure: I bought these lights myself. The post does contain affiliate links.

Package ofLED Night Light with motion sensor.We live out in the boonies and it can get really dark out there especially when the moon is small or it is cloudy. Leaving a regular porch light on seems wasteful to me…it is only needed when we are leaving or coming home.

So I went looking for some motion sensor lights.

I checked a lot of different places including hardware stores, discount stores, and lumber stores.

There are a lot of motion sensor light systems out there. Many of them you have to hook up to the wiring. Some of them are BIG.

We didn’t really need anything big. Just enough light to see where to put our feet and be able to find the keyhole in the door.

So I ended up buying some of these LED Night Lights at

I like them because they are portable. You can pretty much stick them anywhere (they come with a magnet and a sticker to put the magnet on a wall) and take them off the magnet if you need to carry it with you. Then when you get back just stick it back on the magnet.

They have motion sensors so they only come on when something or someone moves in the area the sensor covers. Which means they don’t stay on all the time. You can set them to stay on for 10 seconds or 60 seconds at a time. You can also just turn them on and they stay on till you set them back on auto.

These lights also have an auto on feature too so they won’t come on unless it is dark outside. So it doesn’t waste electricity(or battery life in this case).

They put out plenty of light too. We have two of them on our carport and one on the porch. The one on the porch is on the top of the door.

A picture of an LED motion sensor night light on my door.It comes on when you get close to the door so you can see the porch and the door locks easy.

And no one can come up on the porch at night without it coming on which is nice too.

I really like these little lights. They do need to be used under a roof. Rain/snow isn’t good for them. They work well anywhere you need some light and don’t want to have a light on all the time.

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