Baby Animals Are Cute But Demanding

I got a call about 11 am this morning from my hubby who was out at a farm. He told me to come out there and didn’t say why.

When I got there they told me they had something for me. It was a bucket containing two baby bunnies. Wild bunnies.Picture of a wild bunny baby.

They are cute aren’t they? Picture of wild bunny baby.One of them had it’s eyes open they other not yet. Neither is standing up.

They told me the momma was definitely dead. I asked ’em how they knew that..did they kill it? They said no but there was no doubt it was dead. I figure the barn cat must of gotten it this morning (hubby may tell me later).

They thought I could raise the babies but I thought they were too young. You have to have special food and even if you do everything right they might not make it.

After doing some checking online I found the Wildlife Hotline where they have some pictures of baby bunnies. They have pictures of bunnies that are old enough to be on their own and some that are too young and need special care. They would need some special formula which I don’t have the money for.

So I checked the Fish and Game site and they had a list of wildlife rehabilitates and we took the bunnies to one of them.Picture of a couple of my chicks from last week.

My chicks are doing good. This is a couple of them last week just before we took them outside. I’ll have to get some pics from the coop later.

The water bottle using solway nipples my hubby made.My husband made them a small waterer out of some of the Solway nipples I got for the big chickens. It works pretty good and I love that they can’t poop in the water anymore!

It has been a long day already. How has your day gone? Got any baby animals around your place?

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