If Bad Things Come In Threes

Then I may be in trouble. My hubby had an accident and we had to get some new tires for his truck. It could have been worse but still not good.  That was the first thing.

One of our dogs has not been feeling good. This is the biggest one. She was dumped out here a few years ago.A picture of our big dog.We took her to the vet today. Vet said she had been shot at one point because there were a couple of pieces of shot still in her(but not causing problems) and that she had been hit by a car or something before because she had ribs that had broken and healed.

On first look the vet thought she had been shot again but it was an abscess below her tail. Apparently if it wasn’t fixed it would have eventually killed her.

They also said she has arthritis in the area above her tail that might eventually make her unable to walk…but that could take years.

They drained and cleaned and gave her meds. She should be ok in a few days. That cost an arm and part of a leg. Not good.

That was the second thing.

We don’t have enough money for a third thing…so I certainly hope that is just a superstition.

Taking care of those items also took most of the day yesterday and today so I am behind on my posts. Of course I set the schedule myself and no one is complaining (yet) so that shouldn’t be a huge issue.

It does bother me though.  I’ll get back on track. Maybe not tomorrow but I’ll get there.


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